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Young Children's Counseling & Therapy Game Set

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  • Colorful and stimulating games for the younger age group
  • Suitable for children 4-8 in play therapy, child therapy, counseling, or other school settings
  • Selected by Dr. Gary
  • Games assist in the development of a variety of socials skills

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Classic Card Game SetThe Classic Card Game Set has incredibly creative illustrations that add new excitement to this trio of traditional, favorite card games: Animal Rummy, Go Fish and Old Maid. These tried and true games are terrific for building rapport, facilitating discussion, group play, and family play. 

Faces and Feelings Listening LottoDevelop listening skills and learn to identify feelings and facial expressions, while having fun playing lotto! Suitable for child therapists, counselors, teachers, and parents. Explore the look and tone of emotions as kids match narrative statements to photographs of kids faces showing different expressions. To play, players listen to the CD and place tokens on the images on their game cards that match what they hear. 

Bambino DinoA great game for teaching cooperation and communication. Baby Dinosaur is happily munching on leaves, twigs and berries in a deep Canyon and is caught in the rising Water of a flash flood.Our job is to rescue Bambino Dino!

The Berenstain Bears Good Behavior Card GameThis game is played like the classic card game Go Fish and will reinforce thirteen important behaviors. The object is to collect a set of four of the same Good Behavior cards. When they put down a set, players talk about why this particular behavior is important. 

Monster StompMonster Stomp is an award-winning game which encourages role-play to help children gain control over things that can scare them. Use the monsters in the game as metaphors for the child's own anger, fear, or anxiety; then role play with the child "stomping" their monsters. Players mold monsters out of the monster dough included and place them on the Monster Spaces indicated on the game board. Players then take turns moving their pawns through the monster-filled house. When someone lands on a Monster Stomp space, they get to STOMP the monster and put it in their Monster Jail. Then discuss and role play other ways to stomp out the child's monsters (e.g., the dark, monsters, disease, and other things that go bump in the night). Players may even land on the Stomp All Monsters space and get to stomp all the monsters on the board. The first player to fill his or her Monster Jail wins!

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