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The Feeling Good Game

Product Number : W-379

  • Learn to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones with this fun board game
  • Game contains Feeling Cards to teach players to recognize positive thoughts, and what thoughts make them feel good, and Doing Cards which encourage the players to act on their positive feelings through drawing or role play
  • Helps clients regain self-confidence after a traumatic event, but also teaches players about self-esteem and how to express their emotions in a healthy way
  • Ages 9 and up

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Sometimes we need a little help to feel good about ourselves, whether it's a compliment from a friend or a kindly gesture from a neighbor. And now there's another source of help: All you have to do is play the Feeling Good game. Feeling Cards get players thinking positive thoughts and help them recognize what makes them feel bad. Doing Cards give players the opportunity to act out feelings through role playing and drawing. Originally developed to help people recover self-confidence and optimism after a traumatic event or situation, Feeling Good encourages players to feel good about themselves by recognizing, understanding, and expressing their emotions.

Suitable for up to 4 individuals or teams, ages 9 and older.



Doing Card--Role Play: Imitate one of the players. Have him or her imitate you. Discuss your feelings about how others see you.

Feeling Card--When you're nervous or scared what kind of things do you tell yourself? How does what you say affect how you feel?

Doing Card--Act as if you are a robot that does not have any feelings. What do you do when something sad happens? Something nice? Something infuriating?

Feeling Card: What does trust feel like? How do you come to trust someone?