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The Berenstain Bears Good Behavior Bingo

Product Number : 109161400

  • Fun bingo game teaches children emotional intelligence skills
  • Ages 5-10 with 3-16 players
  • Contains 16 Bingo cards
  • Focuses on helpfulness, respect, cooperation, obedience and responsibility

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Suitable for ages 5-10, and 3 to 16 players. The Berenstain Bears bingo games are a perfect way to teach emotional intelligence skills in a counseling session or a classroom. Each kit contains 16 Bingo Cards and teaches five different skills. This game teaches kids the importance of being helpful, following the rules, cooperating with others, and more. The teacher or counselor just picks a card at random and calls it out. If a child can match it to his Bingo Card, he must answer the questions before putting down a chip. A simple but effective way to teach emotional skills that kids will love!