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The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens

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  • Offers easy to understand self-help tools to overcome the many difficulties that teens face
  • Packed with practical and simple strategies to help teens handle tough situations
  • Addresses all types of anxiety with drawings and helpful stories

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By Jennifer Shannon, LMFT


You can master your anxious thoughts, worry & fear! Is your anxiety stopping you from feeling confident and independent? Challenges like making friends, dating, getting good grades, or taking on mature responsibilities are much more difficult when you're anxious. And if you're like countless other anxious teens, you're probably avoiding the situations that cause you anxiety, and feeling like life if passing you by. So, how can you take control of your anxiety and move toward your goals and dreams?


This one-of-a-kind survival guide will help you finally break free from worries and fears by helping your recognize your monkey mind --the part of the brain where anxious thoughts arise. Along with delightful illustrations, the author's practical and simple strategies will give you the skills you need for handling even the toughest situations that previously caused you to feel anxious or worried.


256 pages, 8 x 6.1 x .3 inches, black and white illustrations, paperback.


About the Author:

Jennifer Shannon, LMFT, is the author of The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens and co-founder of the Santa Rosa Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Santa Rosa, CA.