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Thanks For The Feedback... I Think! (Accepting Criticism and Compliments)*

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  • Part of the Best Me I Can Be series by Julia Cook
  • Learn with RJ as he discovers how to take feedback, both good and bad
  • Ages 5-12 years
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RJs back in the sixth installment of Julia Cooks Best Me I Can Be series, Thanks for the Feedback (I Think!). This story follows RJ as he goes about his day doing the things he enjoys, such as blowing bubbles, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. But when a couple of friends give him compliments, he just isnt sure how to respond! As RJ continues through the day, he hears from his teacher and parents that while there are many things hes doing very well, there are also some things he needs to work on. His first reaction is to argue and make excuses. Throughout the story, RJ learns what it means to receive positive and negative feedback, and how to respond appropriately to that feedback.


Paperback - 32 pages

Ages 5-12