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*Spry Sparrow: From Drab to Fab (hardcover)*

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  • Follow this delightful story as Spry Sparrow teaches us how to be colorful in your own way
  • Simple message makes this book great for younger children
  • A wonderful tool for building self-esteem
  • Ages 5-11
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By Donna McNeely Hammontree, Illustrated by Julie Grant. Ages 5-11.


Spry Sparrow has a wonderful mother, a spacious backyard, and plenty of bugs to fill her belly. So why is she so unhappy? Perhaps it's because her neighbors, the colorful painted buntings, are so vibrant that Spry becomes jealous, feeling that her brown and white feathers are ordinary and drab. But Spry Sparrow's mother has a special lesson in store for the little bird: know what special gifts you have and how you can be colorful in your own way. Donna Hammontree uses her experience in cognitive behavioral therapy to weave a tale of positive behavior change and self-confidence. Mother Sparrow's message to Spry Sparrow is vital and one that we can all learn from: keep in mind our unique gifts, our varied strengths, and think of those as our own vibrant colors!


24 pages, 10 x 8 x .5 inches, color illustrations, hardcover.


About the Author: Donna McNeely Hammontree is a licensed clinical social worker, registered play therapist supervisor, and certified case manager. She has worked with youth, adults, and families in a variety of settings, including private practice. Donna also has a degree in English and writes Southern contemporary poetry. She adores her husband Billy Gregory; daughter Melissa Beth; and son and daughter-in-law Gregory Scott and Nicole Brancato. Both her mother Lois and her mother-in-law Marion have fostered her love of bird watching.


Donna seeks to share her first children's book as a tool for professionals and parents who use cognitive behavioral therapy to help children and adults.