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Premium Mobile Sand Play Set

Product Number : 999373100-1

  • Great set for the beginning mobile therapist, or a perfect supplement to an existing collection
  • Includes large selection of miniatures and an eight member family with your choice of ethnicity
  • 10 lbs of pure white classic sand and a duffle to carry all your miniatures
  • All items are hand picked by Dr. Gary Yorke and are to provide the best value for beginning therapists and seasoned professionals

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This set gives you a great start, or can be used to augment your existing collection. It also includes our Inflatable Tray which seals tight when closed, and a Pretend Play Family of 8. You can choose from one of four different ethnicities (above): African American, Asian, Caucasian, or Hispanic. The family consists of parents, grandparents, a boy and a girl, small child, and a baby. Parents are about five inches tall.

The set also includes an attractive duffle bag, classic white sand, plus all of he following items:

-Set of 12 Sea Animals
-Jets (3)
-Insect Set of 12
-Lunar Explorer Set
-10 piece Fire Department Set
-Garden Wishing Well
-12 pc Soldier Set
-Down on the Farm Toob
-Two Mini Babies
-On the Road Vehicle Set Toob
-Reptile Collection Toob
-Wild Animal Collection Toob
-Knights and Dragons Toob
-Classic White Therapy Sand, 10 pounds
-Casual Woman
-Mother and Baby, Caucasian
-Mother and Baby, Ethnic
-Dinosaur Set
-Houses (2)
-Sports Ball Set
-1 cat and 1 dog
-6 Fence segments
-2 Foot Bridges
-8 Trees
-2 Tanks

Pretend Play Families are also available individually:

African American Pretend Play Family.

Asian Pretend Play Family.

Hispanic Pretend Play Family.

Caucasian Pretend Play Family.

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NOTE: We occasionally have to substitute items when our vendors run out stock. Substituted items are of equal or greater value.