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Peacetown: A Conflict Resolution Game

Product Number : W-362

  • Many children do not know how to handle and resolve conflict. Peacetown gives children a safe place to learn about conflict and practice resolving it
  • Two games in one: one game focuses on basic skills like apologizing, compromising, taking turns and more. The second game focuses on deeper skills such as listening, respecting differences, and communicating feelings
  • Effective and fun game for 2-6 players, ages 7 to 12

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by Eric Terry, Psy.D.

Every day, children encounter conflictat home, on the playground, in class. Yet most dont have the skills needed to prevent or peacefully resolve disagreements. This game teaches conflict resolution skills and gives youngsters an opportunity to practice using them.
Peacetown is really two games in one. Using one side of the gameboard, which shows the exteriors of Peacetown, players learn basic conflict resolution skills: apologizing, compromising, taking turns, sharing, avoiding, ignoring, and getting help.

Then, turning the board over, they move inside the buildings of Peacetown, where they learn deeper conflict resolutions skills: listening, respecting differences, communicating feelings, taking responsibility for actions, and attacking the problem rather than the person. On both sides of the gameboard, players must use the skills learned to resolve thought-provoking conflict vignettes presented on game cards. These vignettesand an engaging, double-sided gameboard populated with diverse childrenmake Peacetown not only effective, but also fun.
For 2 to 6 players,Ages 7 to 12