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*Not Stupid*

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  • A Beacon of inspiration for parents of special need children
  • The story of a mother's determination to provide an appropriate learning environment for children within the autistic spectrum
  • a must read for any one working with children on the autistic spectrum

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By Anna Kennedy

From the depths of frustration and despair to the dizzy heights of joy, this book inspires a rollercoaster of emotionsbut most of all, it offers a sense of real hope for those whose lives are affected by autism.

When Anna and Sean Kennedy discovered that their sons Patrick and Angelo suffered with Asperger's Syndrome and autism respectively, they were truly devastatedbut their family's troubles were just beginning. Placed in mainstream nurseries and schools, Patrick and Angelo endured traumatic experiences in a system woefully equipped to cater for their complex needs. Like so many parents, Anna and Sean, having been turned away by no fewer than 26 special needs schools when searching for appropriate educational facilities for the boys, were downbut not out. The local education authority had a fight on its hands. Anna was determined to prove that for children like her sons, the challenges of growing up with autism did not have to end in defeat.Through sheer guts and determination, they turned their situation into a victory for parent power by transforming a disused local school into a center of excellence for the care and support of those with autism. Anna's story, and that of her ever-improving sons, is a beacon of inspiration for parents of special needs children everywhere.

299 Pages, Black/White, Hardback, 6.5 X9.5 inches