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My Positive Change Card Game: Positively Managing My Behavior

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  • This useful game helps children develop new thought processes to overcome their negative behavior
  • Includes two different types of cards, Situation and Thought/Behavior, both of which can be used by themselves for discussion
  • Part of the Positive Change Card Games Set

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For Ages 7 and up. By Whitney Roban, Ph. D.

This game is designed to teach children more positive ways of acting and reacting to negative situations. The cards offer children a variety of alternative thinking styles they can use to help them understand and control their negative behaviors. Through repetitive game play, children will learn how these new thought patterns can lead to more positive behaviors and more positive feelings. Both the Situation cards and the Thought/Behavior cards may be used by themselves (with no game play) for facilitating group discussion. 2-6 players.



52 cards (Situation cards, Thought/Behavior cards, Feeling cards)

1 wipe-off pen (there are 2 blank Situation cards for writing individual situations appropriate for particular players, and two uncoded Thought/Behavior cards. The cards wipe off easily and can be changed for each game.)