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Make-A-Wish Miniature Set

Product Number : 15199173111

  • A very useful and economical set for any sand tray
  • Contains glass hearts, a dream catcher, a wishing well, a rainbow, gold coins, and shooting stars
  • Pieces range in size, the shooting stars measure 4 inches tall

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Make a wish! This miniature set is full of lucky items.

It contains:

Shooting Stars - Measures 4 inches tall

Rainbow - 1.75 x 1.5 inch resin rainbow

Two Glass Hearts - Polished glass hearts, about 5/8 inch think and 1 inch across

A Wishing Well - Small wishing well measuring 3.5 x 3 inches

Two Gold Coins - Two small, plastic gold coins, approximately 1.25 inches in diameter

Dream Catcher - one 3 inch dream catcher (color and style vary)