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I Didn't Do It: A Book About Telling The Truth

Product Number : 148241500

  • This story follows Poppy, who told a lie and now feels bad about it
  • Teaches children the importance of honesty
  • Simple, easy to read text makes this book great for young children
  • Perfect for the home or the classroom

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By Sue Graves

Telling the truth isnt always easy, especially for young children. Everyone is mad at Poppy because she didnt tell the truth, and Poppy feels bad. Join Poppy and her friends as they learn that everyone does something wrong sometimes, and its always better to tell the truth.

Part of the Our Emotions and Behavior series, I Didnt Do It! uses simple, easy-to-read text to help kids understand why its best to tell the truth. The book also includes a two-page series of pictures that invites kids to tell a story in their own words. A special section for adults suggests discussion questions and ideas for guiding children to talk about their feelings.

Ideal for home and K3 classroom settings.

26 Pages, Hardback, Color Illustrations, 9.5" X 8"

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