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Feelings Counseling & Therapy Game Education Package

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  • Suitable for play therapy, child therapy, school counseling and many other educational environments
  • Offers a nice variety of tools for feelings education
  • Suitable for children in elementary school and middle school
  • Economical way to add additional counseling and educational tools to your collection

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Faces and Feelings Listening Lotto: Develop listening skills and learn to identify feelings and facial expressions, while having fun playing lotto! Suitable for child therapists, counselors, teachers, and parents.
Emotions Mania Thumball: Game play is simple! Throw it, roll it, pass it or catch it. Look under your thumb. React to the word or phrase, found there. Each panel has a different word or phrase. The Emotions Mania Thumball has 32 panels.
How Am I Feeling Puppet Sets (Caucasian or African American): These puppets have detailed expressions to help children learn about and express their feelings. Emotions depicted include happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and embarrassment. Durable fabric is washable. Puppets fit comfortably on child and adult hands. Select your desired ethnicity below. 
Feelings Fun: Play-2-Learn Dominoes: Kids love to play dominoes, and Play-2-Learn Dominoes is a new line of therapeutic/counseling games that puts the fun of playing dominoes to work helping kids learn important skills. These games are for elementary school students. 2 to 5 players. In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to express positive and negative feelings appropriately, recognize feelings, and care about the feelings of others.
Feelings Fair: Feelings Fair is a board game specifically designed to give children important skills for (a) recognizing feelings in themselves and others, (b) expressing feelings in a mature way, and (c) handling difficult situations that involve strong or negative feelings.Understanding and expressing feelings are the most basic of skills. Children who have these skills can read social and emotional situations correctly and can deal with interpersonal problems effectively.
The Feelings Game: This fun game helps children and adolescents gain greater control over their feelings and emotions. It teaches them to Identify and label feelings, differentiate levels of feeling,recognize that thoughts, not circumstances, cause feelings, identify the cognitive errors related to negative feelings, and replace negative thinking with positive thinking. 
Mini Feelings Poster: 8.5 x 11 inch laminated mini poster.
Mood Magnet: Now the mood dudes can stick to your fridge, file cabinet, or any other metal surface. A small frame can be moved to indicate how you're feeling today.
Emotion Mania 4" ThumballGame play is simple! Throw it, roll it, pass it or catch it. Look under your thumb. React to the word, phrase, or graphic found there. Each panel has a different word, graphic, or photo, and each ball has 32 panels. Each panel has a word relating to an emotion. The Emotion Mania Thumball includes words such as: worried curious silly etc. on each panel.
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