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Counselor's Activity Book Set

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  • This set of 5 activity books is perfect for any counselor, whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years
  • Some of our best selling activity books, hand selected by Dr. Gary Yorke
  • These books cover topics such as Impulse Control, Good Behavior, Character Development, Empowerment, Social Skills and more
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- Power Play (skill building)

Power Play is full of games and activities designed to empower students to deal with their problems in positive and assertive ways.
The book is designed to help children to become responsible, face their problems and become more independent.

- The Social Skills Workbook

The Social Skills Workbook is full of exercises that reinforce concepts introduced in therapy.

By practicing self-talk, children acquire specific skills--perceiving themselves as competent, expecting success in social situations, not worrying, accepting mistakes, and taking credit for success.

This workbook is ideal for both shy, socially neglected children, and aggressive, socially rejected youngsters.

- Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids

Includes CD! This book provides activities that can be used by child therapists and school counselors, or as part of a comprehensive school counseling program.

It is useful for any helping professional with the intent helping children maximize their potential in the areas of living (personal/social development), learning (academic development), and working (career development).

- Impulse Control: Activities for Elementary School Students

This book provides activities and reproducible worksheets to help students think about and practice strategies to become more reflective (vs. impulsive).

Using cognitive-behavioral theory and techniques, it is intended to provide school personnel with tools to teach students how to stop and think before acting.

The games, role-plays and worksheets are presented in a playful, but thoughtful manner to help engage children while they learn invaluable lessons about how to use self-control techniques.

- 55 Favorite Games that Teach Good Behavior

This book contains 55 enjoyable games that teach children to respect rules, be more cooperative with adults, and become more caring people.

The games take just 10-15 minutes to play, and they are so much fun that children want to play then again and again.

A great way to help children develop their emotional, social and behavioral skills through the natural language of play.