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Community Resources Card Game

Product Number : 214161800

  • Increase awareness of community resources with this card game
  • Developed to empower people to access services that they many not know about
  • Appropriate for ages 15-adult, 4-14 players

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Ages: 15-Adults. This card game is designed to increase awareness of community resources. There is a wide variety of resources reviewed (legal, emergency, financial, consumer, environmental, medical) to empower people to access services of which they may be unaware or unsure. Instructions include alternatives for game use of cards. 4-14 players.


You believe that you and your partner are having difficulty communicating and you would like some counseling. Where would you go in your town to get help?

You want to volunteer in your community. Where or how do you start?

Have you ever known anyone who has attended a local support group? What do you know about it?


72 Cards