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Angry Animals 2: A Board Game Teaching Healthy Expression of Anger

Product Number : W-496

  • This fun game with lively characters teaches children how to communicate and express their anger in healthy ways
  • Designed for 2-6 players and can be played with teams, teacher, counselor or therapist
  • Ages 5-10

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by Katelyn Mariah, BFA, MA, LICSW

Angry Aardvark, Cranky Crab, Furious Frog, Mad Meerkat, Peeved Pig, and Raging Racoon teach children how to respond to anger in healthy ways.

As they move from the Anger Volcano to Tranquility Beachwith occasional visits to the Time-Out Tentkids answer game card questions about behavior, responsibility, sibling rivalry, conflict, and relationships.

Along the way, they learn that anger is a natural feeling, neither good nor bad. Its the way one expresses anger that matters.

This game encourages youngsters to think about what makes them angry, explore their options in responding to anger, and communicate effectively with peers and adults. Especially useful with younger children, the game can be played by 2 to 6 players or teams, with a teacher, counselor, or therapist.

Revised Game Board, Updated Cards, and a Lower Price!

Ages: 5 to 10

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