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48 Inch Red Bobo

Product Number : 101F83300

  • Highly durable, superior grade punching bag
  • Materials are professional strength inner inflatable bag and a strong, but soft nylon cover
  • Utilizes a sand weighted base (sand is not included)
  • Guaranteed for 3 years

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We are very pleased to be able to offer this highly durable, superior grade punching bag. The materials used are a professional strength inner inflatable bag and a strong, but soft, nylon cover. The bag is available in two sizes, 48 inches and 36 inches; with each utilizing a sand weighted base (sand is not included, we recommend obtaining cheap play sand from a gardening center or hardware store). This product is guaranteed for two years of appropriate play therapeutic use. The bladders are comprised from extremely heavy plastic and made with extra large seams. Under regular use some air leakage from the bladder will occur. It is normal practice to replenish the air periodically.


Setting up the Bobo is extremely easy. Sand is placed in the Velcro pouch at the base of the outer casing. The speed of return can be regulated by how much sand is placed in the base. Most therapists use about 15 lbs. of sand (15 cups). A funnel may aid in depositing the sand into the pouch. The inner bladder may be inflated by blowing directly into the black one-way air valve (in place as delivered). Use either human breaths or an air compressor. Be careful not to puncture or dirty the valve. Also take care not to use dirty air. We recommend inflating toapproximately 80% full, adjusting the Boboso theentire bladder fits into all corners and areas of the casing, and then completing inflation.

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