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ASTM safety report

Conforms to European and American safety standards EN71 and ASTM D4236.

SHAPE-IT SAND® is the ultimate material for arts & crafts work. There are innumerable application areas for SHAPE-IT SAND. The only limitation is your imagination.

SHAPE-IT SAND can be used for sculptures, home decorations and other various practical activities like building sand castles. It really is the best sand you can find! Never dries out, totally safe! This is an ideal product for counseling offices, schools, camps, day care, children’s museums, parties, afternoons, etc…

SHAPE-IT SAND® is ready to use from the container and is always reusable.

SHAPE-IT SAND NEVER DRIES OUT! NO WATER MESS! EASY CLEAN UP! Moon Sand can be sanitized after each use......simply spread the sand out in the tray. Spritz the sand with any type of antibacterial disinfectant and let it air dry. It's good to go!

The many new techniques on fixating, painting, baking, molding and still be able to reuse the material has opened up a world of possibilities to anyone who seek the challenge of creating a personal piece of art. “The sand that never dries out” has become a powerful creative material for artists of all ages.

What began as a simple idea to produce a product that acts like wet beach sand without all the mess, has now been transformed into a new sculpting medium that rivals all other materials on the art market for both the serious artist and the child at heart.

Shape-It Sand® can be used in two ways: Soft Phase and Hard Phase.

Soft Phase: Shape-It Sand® comes in a soft malleable phase and it is just a matter of packing the material into a small form or simply modeling it with your hands. The reusable material will never dry out and can be used over and over again.

Hard Phase: Place a block of Shape-It Sand® in a household oven for 1 hour at 250° F/125° C. Allow the block of sand to cool in the oven. It now transforms into a synthetic-like stone, and becomes an ideal carving material. All the material that is carved away can be reused since it never dries out. Water-based paints can be applied to the sculpture in the hard phase.

Shape-It Sand® repels water, and can actually float! This enables the artist to incorporate water into their sculpture without any damage. You can use it to make personal imprints to molds for plaster or concrete.

Shape-It Sand® is produced in Sweden out of carefully selected raw materials. It conforms to European and American safety standards EN71 and ASTM D4236.



ASTM safety report.