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Play Therapy Room Expansion Set

Product Number : 118372500

  • Continue to build your playroom with this expansion set
  • Supplement your existing collection, or pair this set with our New Play Therapy Room or Deluxe Rolling Play Therapy set
  • A value you won't be able to find anywhere else
  • All items hand-picked by Dr. Gary for play therapy and child therapy. Also suitable for school counseling, and other educational settings

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- Pair of 13 Dolls - Asian

- Pair of 13 Dolls - Caucasian

- Pair of 13 Dolls - Hispanic

- Pair of 13 Dolls - African American

Realistic vinyl dolls, with movable arms, legs, and heads.
The girl's hair is rooted and the boy's hair is molded.
The outfits are removable and the dolls are squeezable, durable, and washable.

 - Wizard Puppet

This wizard's long robe and tall hat are both made from a purple velveteen material accented with gold crescent moons and stars. A gold cord ties around his waist. His legs are made of purple silk, and his feet are black felt. Stands about 14 tall.

 - Alligator Puppet

Realistically rendered puppet, with silk-screened velour, velveteen body, and soft plastic teeth; ready to chomp his way through your playroom!

 - Shark Puppet

7 inch shark; use one hand to animate the mouth and the other to move the tail.

 - Snakes,  (Set of 12)

12 vividly colored snakes, 8" long.

 - Large Farm Animals (Set of 12)

- 10 PC Large Pet Set

- Dinosaurs (Set of 12)

 - 27 PC Pretend Play Dish Set

This set of dishes is perfect for the play room, made of molded and durable plastic. We'll send you either the primary or pastel color set.

 - Food Set (130 pieces)

This smorgasbord of 130, realistic-looking foods belongs in any pretend kitchen. These food staples are designed for youngsters with small hands and big appetites for make-believe.

 - Magic Baby Bottles

The liquid in theses two baby doll bottles appears to drain as baby feeds, and then refill when the bottles are turned upright.

 - Play Money Set

 - Super Cash Register

Ring up the fun with Super Cash Register!
Give your child the full shopping experience with this realistic register. This set has everything you need to serve any customer: a working calculator, a pop-open cash drawer, groceries, a scanner and a credit card swipe slot with sound.
This register also talks! It plays over 20 phrases often heard in the market.

 - Magnetic Dart Board

Double-sided magnetic dart board set: features a 10 x 13 roll-up game board, three green magnetic darts and three red magnetic darts.


 - Sheriff Badge

Bright silver badge with sliding clip, about 3 inches across.

 - Jump Rope (7 feet)

Rugged jump rope; colors may vary.

 - Tin Drum

Classic children's tin drum!
Two wooden drum sticks and an adjustable strap are included.
The drum can be played on either side to make different sounds.

 - Trauma Reaction Cards

The Trauma Reaction Cards are a therapeutic tool to assist children and adolescents in understanding and identifying their reactions to traumatic or stressful life experiences. These colorful and illustrated cards are categorized into the four domains of trauma reactions: Behavior Reactions, Body Reactions, Brain & Thinking Reactions, and Feelings Reactions. 

NOTE: Occasionally, we may need to make substitutions. Substitutions will be of equal or greater value.