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**Polar Bear Cub

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Native to the Arctic Circle, polar bears are a unique species of bear that have adapted to survive in cold, harsh environments. Although polar bears are the largest land carnivores on planet Earth, this cute and cuddly little cub still has a lot of growing to do! 

  • Scientific Name: Ursus Maritimus
  • Characteristics: Polar bear cubs are born in what’s known as a “maternity den,” which is a tunnel dug by the mother polar bear in a snowdrift with enough chambers to house her young. Hand painted and immaculately crafted, this polar bear baby is tagging along behind its mother to learn how to hunt!
  • Size and Color: This cub blends in perfectly with the Arctic snowdrifts and tundra with its sheet white coat. Standing 1.75 inches tall and 2.75 inches long, our poplar bear cub model is about as tall as a ball point pen cap an as long as a deck of cards stood upright.
  • Non-toxic and BPA free.