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*Exploring My Anger

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  • This board game helps therapists gain insight into how an individual child handles their anger
  • Uses sentence completion card to shed light on the child's immediate response to certain situation
  • Fun board and format allows children to open up and enjoy the game while also learning about better ways to control their anger

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This inviting game draws on each child's experiences and emotions, revealing for the therapist how the child normally deals with anger.

Sentence-completion cards bring out aspects of the child's experience and his or her perception of it.

Other game elements elicit stories from the child, thereby giving the therapist a chance to examine relationships and responses to the events presented in the story.

"Alternative" cards offer both constructive anger management strategies and less positive impulses that individuals often feel when angry.

The therapist and child can discuss how specific alternatives described on the cards would work in the context of the child's story.

With a broader repertoire of alternatives to draw from, children are better equipped to manage anger successfully.

The game can be played by a therapist and up to 5 children.

Ages: 5 to 12