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*I Am NOT Telling - Teacher Edition*

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  • Brightly illustrated companion to I Am Not Telling
  • Includes the story, posters, parent letter, activities and more
  • Easy to follow and teach

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By Shawn Jones

Big Trouble Tommy learns to be Trouble Free Tommy by following children around. The children use the I Am NOT Telling strategy. The letters in the title are the first letters in several problem solving strategies, which range from Ignore to I messages. This teacher companion comes with the complete story, posters, parent letter, art activities, writing prompts, movement activities and more! Counselors, teachers and parents will find the lesson plans easy to teach.

98 pages, 8.5 x 9 x .6 inches, color illustrations, paperback.

About the Author:

Shawn Jones has a Master's Degree in school counseling. She has worked as both a school counselor and elementary school teacher.Her books include I Am NOT Telling, I Am Not Telling Teacher Edition, Shrinking Belly and Happy Belly. Also she has published a game, Escape From Loneliness Island, under the name Shawn Boman.