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Mindful Games (book)

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  • Mindfulness activities for children, teens, and families
  • Includes 60 games & activities
  • Mindful play improves focus and self-regulation
  • Activities for counselors, teachers, and parents

Mindful play is a great way for kids to develop focusing skills while learning to regulate their emotions and respond to any situation calmly, with kindness and compassion. Here are sixty simple and accessible games that can bring mindfulness to your daily routine.

These delightful games, developed and tested over many years of working with children and their caregivers, are designed for kids, but they can be just as fun and transformative for adults! Susan Kaiser Greenland encourages parents to play these games themselves to develop their own attention, balance, and compassion. As caregivers, our own mindfulness has a powerful effect on everyone in our lives, especially children.